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Using secure technology to streamline invoice processing

Automate your finance workflows

Modern-day challenges are putting pressure on your finance team. They’re expected to deliver key figures rapidly, monitor profitability and liquidity and deal with increasing complexity with income and outgoings. Accounts payable and accounts receivable must be executed securely, on time and error free.

How to meet rising expectations

Digitalising common finance processes is essential to keep pace with expectations. So, it’s little surprise that the market for intelligent document management and invoice processing is growing.

Through Document Management Systems (DMS) and AI-based capture, finance teams will streamline their operations and become more agile.

Document Management Systems: DMS systems give finance teams greater peace of mind with legally compliant storage, protection against data loss and fraud, and smoother accounting processes. Plus, greater transparency, integration with accounting systems and quick, mobile capture and approval of finance documents like invoices.

AI-based capture: AI-based capture automates time-consuming invoice processing tasks. Increasing the process, accuracy and reducing error and costs. Integration with enterprise tools including CRM and ERP systems delivers further efficiencies.

Investing in the latest invoice processing tools will greatly enhance your financial reporting, operations, compliance, decision-making and planning.

Download our whitepaper and learn more about how Document Management Systems and AI-based capture can help your invoice processing.